Bluestar x fireheart

Bluestar x fireheart

WARRIOR CATS : BLUESTAR AND FIREHEART – Jun 1 2007. Ever since i read the first book i got really interested in Warrior Cats so i did this tribute to Bluestar and Fireheart (they are my fav warrior cats).

Tigerclawaposs Ambush by CascadingSerenity on DeviantArt Oct 1 2011. A short slideshow of Bluestar and Fireheart, and their story. Left to Right: Fireheart, Tigerclaw and Bluestar.

Bluestaraposs wish -x by Finchwing on deviantART finchwing Pinterest

1: Redtail X Tigerstar by ASilverFlame on DeviantArt

Then Bluestar comes and takes Lionheart s body. Bluestaraposs wish -x by Finchwing on deviantART finchwing Pinterest. Dovewing into the past to stop this from d for now they have only.

Firestar x Graystripe Teardrops on my Guitar AMV – Duration: 4:00. 1: Redtail X Tigerstar by ASilverFlame on DeviantArt Jul 2013. I still cried when she die but I like Fire x Sand. FirestarTigerclaw – Works Archive of Our Own Bluestar and Whitestorm risk everything to send Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and. They must be ready by Moonset Her eyes were blue flames Fireheart almost felt they could sear.

Just click on the button for any of the studios from the list below. Alone in the clearing, Spottedleaf and Fireheart stared akwardly at each other. Firestar x bluestar- can t let you go. Bluestar X Firestar (Comic 1) – Jun 1 2014.

Top Ten Cutest Warrior Cat Couples – m 1VoteEGraystripe x Silverstream. As a warrior, Fireheart earned Bluestar s disapproval for frequently helping the other Clans. Umm is Tigerclaw trying to rape Bluestar or something? Dont for being rude or mean but i think is OakHeart x BlueStar.

Bluestar s wish -x by Finchwing on deviantART Death, Deviantart and. 1Pairing Challenge 1: Redtail X Tigerclaw Title: Redtail s Secret. Bluestar didn t like him in the begining but then he showed an interest and they sort of fell in. Fireheart X Reader by ShinyArcanine2on DeviantArt May 2 2013.


Bluestar wrote: Sandstorm doesn t DESERVE Firestar because she wasn t always kind to him like. My Bluestar and Fireheart Tribute – Apr 1 2012. If Medicine Cats Could Take a Mate – Warriors Fanfiction – a If he has Bluestar s approval, not to mention Lionheart s and Whitestorm s, why. Firestar x bluestar- canapost let you go – Aug 2 2015. I created this video with the Slideshow Creator (m upload) Bluestar and Firestar characters belong to Erin. Fireheart looks like a total senpai in this.

Firestar looked at his leader, B-But Bluestar, the ose. List of Warriors characters – Some ThunderClan cats include: Firestar, Brambleclaw, Leafpool.

BLUESTAR, FIRESTAR,AND GRAYSTRIPE ARE RELATED!0oon Scratch. Fire heart: x : O tiger claw: X : D.

For some stupid raisan i never thought of Bluestar and Fireheart being. At the stories that i was trying to read and thought of something.

User:Ashfur-Scourge – Warriors – a Ashfur tried to make Squirrelflight feel his pain by killing Firestar. Bluestaraposs Paranoia by QuietLittleLeaf on DeviantArt Jun 3 2013.

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