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Ignitor zg 5

(DOD 4109-M Volume (See volume chapter 13)Your activity is. The specification provides typical performance data for 70W 150W operating from a 50Hz mains.

0 0 2 or item if an LDU for the PICA MOE. (1829mm) power cord with grounded NEMA 5-15P plug. Application and design guidelines and guide specifications. Osram HMI 1200WGS 1200W Double Ended Metal Halide.

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Z-Series (ZG) Product SpecificationEHB

All values are valid at 5C, unless otherwise noted. MayChriste HID and Fluorescent Ballast, Ignitor and Capacitor Europe Ballast, Ignitor and Capacitor for Fluorescent and HID Lamps. 19Jeep Cherokee Sport, will not start no spark – Forums – CNET by nlinc September 207:AM PDT.

Electronic Ignitor 220V240V 50Hz for MH and HPS 70W-400W, 1 SGD0pc. Electronic spark igniter provides positive direct ignition of.

Gas Fired Igniters

Auxiliary 24V A output for fan drive (available only when lamp lit). Ignitors: ERC 640AD- 155 sAD-15Mitronic ZG 12Walker SA-1200-iBauch 24 24 250. These documents are available for current and out-of-production Lennox commercial equipment.

Please note: Not all of the options listed. The use of soft ferrites for EMI suppression ZG.

Company BAG Globally leading company for lighting electronics Product portfolio mainly focused on components for LED. AVA-Voyager XII Tech Tips For a more detailed description on how to remove the front forks and springs to. ConstantColor CMH ULTRA GSingleEnded Datasheet Single ended. For manganese zinc ferrites the frequency at which the impedance peaks.

By removing the tank cover and check the part number on the igniter box. Went to dealer shop for cat converter recall and the jeep hasn t started since. May 20HBX4Hansmann Electronic GmbH Electronic Ballast HBX 4requires use of ignitor ZG 30Xe-S or ZL30Xe. APF produces a complete range of electronic ignitor for High. Typical values (actual values are ballast and ignitor dependent). ConstantColor CMH ULTRA GSingleEnded Datasheet Typical values (actual values are ballast and ignitor dependent).

Double Deck, Full-Size Gas Convection Oven (102mm) of insulation compressed to (51mm) with metal sheathing. BAG starts production of a supply unit consisting of a thyristor-controlled igniter and inductive ballast.

NSN except when the RNCC RNVC reference. After screw is in and very slightly snug, cut off excess flush with speaker mount.

Ignitors: BAG MZN 1Bauch 250K Hansmann ZG 5PRO and ZG 501. Check List for an Igniter Inquiry 22. Z-Series Packaged Gas Electric to Tons Page 4. Catalogue 080-0Ignitores para Lmparas de Descarga.

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