J edgar hoover card catalog system

J edgar hoover card catalog system

Card catalogue system he claimed to have invented for the Library of. By Reading a Book Ask a Librarian Digital Collections Library Catalogs. Edgar: Hoover, the Red Scare and the Assault on. Edgar tries and almost succeeds at being Brokeback for G-Men. Hoover claims to have invented the Library s card catalog system. To the Library of Congress, and shows her the card catalog system he devised.

Edgar Hoover (Character) on: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. About a year ago, the producers of a movie about J. Edgar, explores both the public and private lives of Hoover, who served. View of the Main Reading Room with two rows of card catalogs.

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FBI J. Edgar Hooveraposs First Job and the FBI Files

The Wise Guide : Go Ahea Make Your Day. Edgar Hoover, who was head of the FBI between 1935.

Hoover brought to his work at the FBI: index card cross-referencing. Edgar Hoover former Library of Congress employee, longtime director.

Edgar traces the personal and professional life of Hoover (Leonardo. Edgar Hoover was just years old when he took his first job in government an. Detail view of Movies Page Title: J. Keeping Tabs – BackStory with the American History Guys Jul 1 2013.

Edgar Hoover: The Crimebuster and the Catalogers Teaching. goal, the writer says, it was J. Reproduction Information: Not available for reproduction Informal photo of J.

Talks about his contribution to the development of the Library s card catalog. Library of Congress, Hoover mastered the Dewey Decimal system. Taking her to the Library of Congress, he shows off the card catalog system he.

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What s clear from the picture is that J. Edgar, Man of Mystery Library of Congress Blog Feb 2 2012. Organizing the system for card cataloging the Library of Congress.

Library of Congress on a first date to show off the card catalog system he helped organize. Room for an after-hours demonstration of the efficiency of a card-cataloging system. The film focuses on the career of FBI director J.

Library s groundbreaking cataloging system inspired Hooverand served as the basis. Edgar Hoover had an incredibly logical mind (he even invented a card catalog system when he worked at). The opportunity to work in the cataloging department and the loan division.

Dirty Harry Meets Dirtier Edgar – The New York Times Nov 1 2011. Edgar Hoover begins dictating his memoirs to an agent from the Bureau s PR arm.

Beverly Gage about the breakthrough technological innovation J. Edgar Hoover, running over two hours (it often. Quick 10: Surprising Former Librarians Mental Floss Apr 1 2009.

Edgar suggests that Hoover and Tolson shared a. Things he did was to set up a card catalog system for the files.